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Benefits of Drumming & Testimonials

About Tribal Vibes and Benefits of Drumming

There has been a wealth of research to highlight the benefits of drumming, participation in this activity can have a positive impact in the following areas:

  • Improving overall health and wellbeing
  • encourages team work
  • raises self esteem
  • empowerment
  • encourages co-operation
  • encourages self expression
  • stress relief
  • relaxation
  • improves co-ordination
  • and its fun!

(Above are just few examples)

Written feedback from sessions is a great way to measure impact on the participant, here are some quotes from people who have joined in with drumming and commented in a book that was available for feedback.

'Really good, great fun, enthusiastic coaching GREAT!'

''Wow! - didnt think I had a sense of rhythm - just found it. Thanks!!'

'First time drummers - it was really fun - my hands + heart are tingling'

'De-stressing - Energising. Loved every minute a great stress buster thank you for your time'

'This is awesome I wish I had a drum they are so cool I am 8 years old'

'I am 12. You might think that I only like it because I am young (but I dont) Its so fun and there all so friendly on Saturday I stayed for 3 hours so thank you for making this weekend even better'

'Wow, Nikki what a lovely person. The Drumming was amazing. I LOVED IT thank you'

'Great fun and a really good icebreaker, thanks'

Excellent fun - spur of the moment - tried it, loved it very theraputic'

It was awesome had a laugh + was really good fun. Cant wait to do it again, its a great confidence boost!'

'Very cathartic surprisingly!'

'Really had a brilliant time, love the energy'

'This is such a 'must do!' activity and should be encouraged everywhere!'

''Best fun since Lego and Cassettes?!'

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