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South Derbyshire Community Drummers

South Derbyshire Community Drummers

South Derbyshire Community Drummers (established in January 2014) is a regular monthly djembe drum group for adults (over 16's) with any level of drumming experience. We have new people join us most months, some of whom have never drummed before and everyone is made to feel welcome. We meet once a month on a Saturday afternoon in Swadlincote at the Dance and Music Centre.

History of the Group:

The group began in January 2014, sessions were initially held at the Leisure Centre in Swadlincote, then in May 2014 we moved to the Town Hall on the Delph in Swadlincote. In August 2014 the group did its first public presentation at Gladefest held at Rosliston Forestry Centre.

In July 2015 the group moved to a new venue The Dance and Music Centre in Swadlincote. Following several changes of venue to find an appropriate place to meet and practice, this has now become our perminant base. Thanks to Nikita and Dianne Robinson at the Dance and Music Centre for your ongoing support.

In the last four years, the group has gone on to do more public presentations and have supported public drumming circles at a variety of local events including the Festival of Leisure, the Festival of Transport and the International Food and Drink Festival.

South Derbyshire Community Drummers have also supported audience participation drum circles for the last three years at our local music festival Rockstock Gathering at Willington, South Derbyshire.

The group has grown in the last 4 years and now has a core group of approximately 20 players who attend regularly. You do not have to commit to coming every month, this is an open group for people to attend whenever they wish to, or are able to. Thank you to everyone from the group past and present for your support.

For more information about South Derbyshire Community Drummers please contact me via the contacts page.

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